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Stainless Steel Rust and Scratch Removal

We developed innovative and sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Scratched Stainless Steel is not a great look for your Stainless Steel especially if it is in a high traffic area. The biggest benefit from what we do is to help you reduce your maintenance downtime and provide you with effective solutions that work. 

Scratch Removal Services


Scratch Removal

Scratches in certain areas is inevitable. The goal is to manage how damaged the surface is and what is required to ensure the scratches do not cause any further damage to the Stainless Steel.


Chemical Cleaning and Polishing

Chemical cleaning and polishing is conducted to ensure all surface contaminants have been removed from the surface. This makes sure that the surface of the Stainless Steel remains clean and does not deteriorate.

Service Benefits 



When your Stainless Steel is back to new again, we set you up on a program to ensure your Stainless Steel remains as good as new consistently.


Scratches on your Stainless Steel when not maintained can lead to rust and pitting which causes holes and further damage and at times your only option is a costly replacement.


Scratches are an eyesore, our scratch removal services are focused on a complete restoration to bring the surface back to new again. 


Sydney Olympic Park

Stainless Steel Restoration of Lift Doors after 20 years. A cost effective solution to replacing your assets.

Landing sill restoration


Restoration of lift sills. A complete chemical cleaning process to remove the rust with zero damage to the surface.

Stainless Steel Tanks


Cleaning and passivating tanks used for industry leading company in developing submergible water-cooled server tanks.

Collins Square


Restoration of lift doors after the removal of decals to create a new surface finish. With the maintenance program now just a spot clean.

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