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Stainless Steel Pickling

and Passivation

We developed innovative and sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Stainless Steel pickling and passivation is to ensure we remove surface contaminants and accelerate the natural forming passivated film. This chemical process improves the lifecycle and resistance to corrosion and rust.

Pickling and Passivation Services


Chemical Pickling

Chemical pickling is a cleaning process that removes surface contaminants from the Stainless Steel post fabrication. These contaminants if not removed at all or incorrectly can lead to significant damages that are costly to fix in the long run.  


Electro-Cleaning, Polishing and Passivation

Our electro cleaning, polishing and passivation services are to improve and enhance the Stainless Steel surface to ensure maximum performance. Most importantly to speed up the passive surface on the Stainless Steel. 

Service Benefits 


Our services can be delivered on or off site. This can save you a lot of money in transport and logistic costs. 

On site servicing


Electro-polishing removes the highs of the roughness on the Stainless Steel surface. Smoothing it out leaving a bright and reflective finish. 


The removal of surface contaminants correctly from fabrication processes ensures your Stainless Steel can perform as it's designed to. 


Sydney Olympic Park

Stainless Steel Restoration of Lift Doors after 20 years. A cost effective solution to replacing your assets.

Landing Sill Restoration


Restoration of lift sills. A complete chemical cleaning process to remove the rust with zero damage to the surface.

Stainless Steel Tanks


Cleaning and passivating tanks used for industry leading company in developing submergible water-cooled server tanks.

Collins Square


Restoration of lift doors after the removal of decals to create a new surface finish. With the maintenance program now just a spot clean.

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