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Stainless Steel Deep Cleaning and Restoration

We developed innovative and sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Our Stainless Steel deep cleaning and restoration services are specifically designed to restore and rejuvenate tired and dull Stainless Steel. This process is a safe chemical treatment to bring back to new your Stainless Steel surface.

Deep Cleaning Services


Restoring Dull and Tired Stainless Steel 

Streaky and dull Stainless Steel is a common issue with Stainless Steel that hasn't been deep cleaned in a while, have chemical damage or has had stickers and vinyl's on the surface that haven't been removed correctly. 


Post Vinyl and Decal Removal

The removal of vinyl and decals on Stainless Steel leads to having residue left behind which makes it very difficult to remove. Leaving a streaky looking Stainless Steel when no matter what you do, it wont be fixed.


Surface de-contamination

Neglected Stainless Steel is from the Stainless Steel not being cleaned correctly from the beginning or failed to be maintained. The build up on the surface is from years of mismanagement of the asset.


Tea-staining removal

Rusted and tea stained Stainless Steel can be from a variety of factors including chemicals and harsh acids, the environment and moisture and also proximity to coastal regions.

Service Benefits 



With your Stainless Steel as new again, your cleaning now becomes basic spot cleans and routine wash downs. No more oil and staining.

Reduce Costs

With your Stainless Steel back to new, you no longer need to put Stainless Steel oil on it anymore. Which means your labour costs reduces aswell as your cost for Stainless Steel oil.


Stainless Steel deep cleaning service is strictly focused on restoring your Stainless Steel to it's original state. Making it look just as good as new.


Sydney Olympic Park

Stainless Steel Restoration of Lift Doors after 20 years. A cost effective solution to replacing your assets.

Landing Sill Restoration


Restoration of lift sills. A complete chemical cleaning process to remove the rust with zero damage to the surface.

Stainless Steel Tanks


Cleaning and passivating tanks used for industry leading company in developing submergible water-cooled server tanks.

Collins Square


Restoration of lift doors after the removal of decals to create a new surface finish. With the maintenance program now just a spot clean.

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