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Steel Renew

We are a family owned, Stainless Steel restoration and maintenance specialist, with a decade of experience. 

Steel Renew is made up of a team of problem solvers, industry trial blazers and go getters. We seek to redefine what it means to be a speciality service. Our knowledge and expertise speaks for itself with a vast array of services completed across Australia in the last 10 years. 

We are focused on enhancing your Stainless Steel and ensuring there is always a solution. You can be sure that with our experience of working with a range of assets, you can be confident that you have a partner that can deliver and assist in maintaining your assets.

Technical Director

Elie Wehbe

Founding Steel Renew in 2017, Elie is a problem solver and Technical Director. There isn't a Stainless Steel cleaning issue he can't fix. Passionate about making change in the industry, he founded Steel Renew. 

Elie has played a key role executing large projects on a national scale and is highly referred to in the industry as the go to. 

What We Value

At Steel Renew, what we value most is transparency and communication. Transparency and communication are the values we live by and something our customers value most from us. We understand what our customers want, and it all comes to effectively communicating all details big and small, and being transparent across all that we do. 

From our people, to our services or to our website, it all focuses on transparency and communication. We want to make sure you are confident in your decision to work with us as your trusted partner.  


Steel Renew lists safety and quality as its highest standards. In fact, it was what led us to innovate and create the services and solutions we have today. We have not executed a project that was the same, however our standards of safety and quality have remained the same to ensure we consistently execute projects safely and effectively.



Transparency from the get-go. From how we deal together, our pricing, our solutions and our outcomes. There is nothing hidden.



Guided by our morals and values when it comes to our decision and how we represent the company. Our integrity shines through in what we do.



Innovation is what got us started and what keeps us going. We always focus on innovation and find new ways to deliver our solutions and create new services that will positively impact all of us together. 



Responsibility of our impact towards ourselves, our clients and the wider community and environment.


Community Impact

Our focus is on giving back to the community because it is through communities that we all grow together, improve ourselves and the standards in which we live in.


Environmental Impact

We focus on the environmental impact we have to make sure we minimise where possible any impact to the environment, no matter how small to create a safer working environment and future for the next generation.

Our Humble Beginings

Starting over 15 years ago, Elie began fresh faced and wide eyed in the industry. Beginning in commercial cleaning, he saw first hand the state the industry was in. Determined to create a solution that added value to our clients, he began researching, experimenting and crafting various solutions for all problems that Stainless Steel encounters. 

Joining a few years later with Jessica, delving deeper into the world of stainless steel by working with experts, joining associations and collaborating with bright minds, Steel Renew was born.  

Since 2017, there hasn’t been a Stainless Steel problem we can’t fix. Given our industry experience and cleaning knowledge, Steel Renew was born to solve the most common Stainless Steel problems.


Steel Renew is a Kleanwell brand that specifically focuses on Stainless Steel restoration and maintenance.

Chief Executive Officer 

Jessica Wehbe

Founding Steel Renew in 2017, Jessica, a highly skilled senior executive provides Steel Renew with leadership, strategic insights and partnerships and the potential for growth.

Jessica has played a key leadership role in several companies and organizations through building operations, executing sales and partnership strategies and executing transformation programs. 

Operations assistant

Anthony Wehbe

Anthony is our Junior Operations Assistant, assisting us with all operational duties big and small. Anthony comes from an industrial cleaning  background and shares a passion for ensuring the asset is cleaned and maintained the correct way. Ensuring to always research, learn and self improve is his motto.

Brisbane Division

Luke Cerbara

Luke, is our go to Operations Guy in Queensland. He works tirelessly to ensure that our Brisbane based clients are well looked after. Luke comes from a Stainless Steel and Steel manufacturing background and focuses on the satisfaction and quality assurance for our customers, and their assets.

Board Member

Sandra Duarte

With over 30 years experience running, scaling and building businesses from the ground up Sandra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team at Steel Renew. From an advisory and executional point of view Sandra knows what it takes

Board Member

Ramy Arnout

Having an extensive history in sales, hospitality, development and construction, Ramy provides strategic advice and executional support to help Steel Renew thrive and reach its goals. Having kept his strict blue collar values, with a keen eye for growth, Ramy helps the team stay aligned and reach its goals.

Board Member

Alan Nowfail

Highly sociable, and a natural communicator Alan brings a wealth of knowledge to the team at Steel Renew from a strategic advisory capacity. Having spent his entire career mastering the HVAC Industry, Alan has a skill set like no other and provides invaluable advice to Steel Renew.

Meet The Team

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