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Stainless Steel Initial Assessment and Program Development / Maintenance

We developed innovative and sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Steel Renew's initial assessment and program development services is a collaborative exercise to focus on what cleaning process is required initially and what will be the future maintenance program moving forward. We work collaboratively with all stakeholders involved in the entire supply chain.

Initial Assessment and Program Development Services


Initial Assessment 

Our initial assessment service is to help understand what Stainless Steel is being installed, the environment that it is in and what other influencing factors that may impact your stainless steel. This is a collaborative exercise in which we bring on board industry professionals for accurate assessments.


Program Development

Our program development services are tailored, site specific maintenance programs that have one goal in mind. The goal is to keep your Stainless Steel looking as new and performing as it is designed to perform. 

Service Benefits 



Getting your Stainless Steel to look as new as often as possible is the main outcome. Our tailored programs help you get there.


There is no hidden costs or surprises. Our programs are specific and clear so you always know what to do and what to expect at all times.


Our assessments and program development for your stainless steel is specific to your asset. Backed by industry professionals this is a service that is accurate and focused on improving asset longevity.


Sydney Olympic Park

Stainless Steel Restoration of Lift Doors after 20 years. A cost effective solution to replacing your assets.

Landing Sill Restoration Brisbane

Restoration of lift sills. A complete chemical cleaning process to remove the rust with zero damage to the surface.

Stainless Steel Tanks


Cleaning and passivating tanks used for industry leading company in developing submergible water-cooled server tanks.

Landing Door Restoration

Collins Square


Restoration of lift doors after the removal of decals to create a new surface finish. With the maintenance program now just a spot clean.

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