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Stainless steel scratch removal

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Renew and restore your stainless steel assets

At Steel Renew we believe in renewing your stainless steel and giving it another life.

Stainless steel polishing

What We Provide 


Stainless Steel Polishing and Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning of your stainless steel can include a variety of services such as decal removal and polishing, stainless steel oil removal, deep cleaning, polishing and electropolishing. Various solutions will be recommended depending on the condition of your asset and the goals in which you are trying to achieve. A great alternative to a complete restoration.


Stainless Steel Scratch Removal

Scratches can really reduce the aesthetic appearance of an asset, as well as the value.  Undertaking Stainless steel scratch removal or relinishing surfaces is an effective way to renew the look of your asset and restore its value.


Stainless Steel Tea Staining and Rust Removal

Various factors in the environment where your asset is situated can cause varying amounts of rust and tea staining. Oxidisation in the air can cause moisture to develop, and without an effective maintenance and prevention plan can see the rust continue to build up.


Stainless Steel Pickling and Passivation

Pickling and passivation are chemical treatments that are applied to the surface of stainless steel assets in order to remove contaminants and assist with the formation of a continuous, chromium-oxide, passive film. These treatments are both acid treatments, and improve the surface performance of your stainless steel.


Stainless Steel Maintenance Programs

Stainless Steel can be cleaned, however it is ultimately up to how a stainless steel asset is maintained that will determine how long it will keep that clean look and finish for. Maintenance programs can be created to ensure your stainless steel assets maintain their clean look and feel.


We Restore, We Repair,
We Maintain.

We offer a comprehensive array of services, from initial and once off services to create custom on-going maintenance plans. You can count on us to have the utmost professionalism, expertise and transparency in all that we do.

Latest Projects

Stainless steel polishing

Sydney Olympic Park


Stainless Steel Restoration of lift doors after 20 years. A cost effective solution to replacing your assets.

Stainless steel restoration

Landing Sills Restoration - Brisbane


Restoration of lift door sills. A complete chemical cleaning process to remove the rust with zero damage to the surface.

Stainless steel passivation

Cleaning and passivating tanks used for industry leading company in developing submergible water-cooled server tanks.


Stainless Steel Tanks - Engineroom

Stainless steel scratch removal

Collins Square - Melbourne


Restoration of lift doors after the removal of decals to create a new surface finish. With our maintenance program it is now just a spot clean.

Stainless steel kitchen cleaning


Our Expertise

We bring our expertise to the commercial, manufacturing and industrial sectors with a focus on restoring high value stainless steel assets.



Our commercial division was created to enhance your building's aesthetics and decrease your maintenance and downtime. Our solutions assist and work alongside your existing operations. Our commercial division works with assets in the education, hospitality and retail sector.

Stainless steel deep cleaning



Our industrial services are tailored specifically to high traffic industries that experience high levels of dust, pollution and other environmental factors. The industries we service range from industrial units right through to construction companies.

Stainless steel passivation


People Moving Industry

Our services for the lift and people moving industry was created in line with understanding what the customer needs. Here our range of services from modernization, deep cleaning and restoration are to minimize client downtime and to reach your goals quicker.

Stainless steel polishing

Very pleased with the works carried out on the stainless steel surfaces of the building lifts. Significantly improved the overall appearance of the lifts. Professional job from a committed team.

Darrel Claasz

Building Manager - Lederer Group

Absolute miracle workers, best in the business! Thank you Steel Renew for your efforts, workmanship, ease to deal with, and most importantly affordability.
Highly recommend! Jessica and Elie, your professionalism is second to none. Finding you and your team was an absolute 'steel' for our business ;)

Christopher Schonbucher

Construction Manager - TQI

Kleanwell definitely know cleaning right down to how to properly clean and protect all types of resilient and stainless steel finishes.

Ben Lloyd

TQI - Director

We operare a childcare facility in Sydney's inner west. We received fantastic service and professionalism. The team went over and beyond to ensure our centre was cleaned and ready for operation within 24hrs. No job was too hard for these guys. Outstanding attitude and attention to detail.

Ramy Arnout

Day Care Owner

I am wishing to pass on our appreciation to you, Elie and the team for the quality of the works and the professionalism of the team that attended.

As you were aware 2 of our four lifts had completed a modernisation program with no upgrade to the car internals (stainless surfaces). Your team attended the site to complete the restoration of the internal carriages, in conjunction with a number of lobby landing doors.

We received resident feedback on the quality of the finished product as these surfaces have been in play for over 20 years and have suffered scratches and dents.

Thank you  again and we look forward to seeing the team return once the two remaining lifts have completed their modernisation program.


Altair Apartments

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