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Steel Renew - Christmas in July!

Save from $150 - No Min. Charge.







How it is working with us. 


I am wishing to pass on our appreciation to you, Elie and the team for the quality of the works and the professionalism of the team that attended.

As you were aware 2 of our four lifts had completed a modernisation program with no upgrade to the car internals (stainless surfaces). Your team attended the site to complete the restoration of the internal carriages, in conjunction with a number of lobby landing doors.

We received resident feedback on the quality of the finished product as these surfaces have been in play for over 20 years and have suffered scratches and dents.

Thank you  again and we look forward to seeing the team return once the two remaining lifts have completed their modernisation program.

Darrel Claasz

Very pleased with the works carried out on the stainless steel surfaces of the building lifts. Significantly improved the overall appearance of the lifts. Professional job from a committed team.

Christopher S

Absolute miracle workers, best in the business! Thank you Steel Renew for your efforts, workmanship, ease to deal with, and most importantly affordability.Highly recommend! Jessica and Elie, your professionalism is second to none. Finding you and your team was an absolute 'steel' for our business ;)

Ramy Arnout

We operare a childcare facility in Sydney's inner west. We received fantastic service and professionalism. The team went over and beyond to ensure our centre was cleaned and ready for operation within 24hrs. No job was too hard for these guys. Outstanding attitude and attention to detail.

Ben Lloyd

Kleanwell definitely know cleaning right down to how to properly clean and protect all types of resilient and stainless steel finishes.

Let's begin.
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Your Stainless Steel Asset
Stainless Steel Issue
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Are you interested in a maintenance program?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it the same price for all stainless steel finishes?

For this offer, our pricing is only based on time on site only. Although, all finishes and services take different time to complete. Other factors that will influence pricing will be the extent of damage on the stainless steel. But not to worry, this will be all outlined in the quote provided so there is nothing hidden.

What happens if it is a large job than the offer?

We will assess the size of the job. Typically a clean and polish for a lift door will take an hour, so it will be just the cost of the call out. If you have multiple lift doors, or a whole commercial kitchen then this will be all outlined in the quote. Also! included a 10% discount. 

What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is to make sure we WOW! you. Our goal is to make sure you are satisfied. If you are unsatisfied, we will make sure we complete the job even if it takes longer at our cost to ensure we achieve the outcome you are after.

Are you processes Green?

Yes and no. Some processes for deep cleaning and rust removal, do involved harsh chemicals. But we always collect, neutralise and dispose of them the correct way. The best part is all maintenance programs are green.

What is the service time frame?

When we receive payment, depending on the size of the job, we may be able to schedule your site within 24 hours or within a few days. Another factor which will affect service delivery date is our current workload.

If I have an issue, who do I contact?

All issues can be emailed to us or you can simply pick up the phone and call or text. We are always here to help.

Do you have maintenance programs?

Yes we do have maintenance programs and they vary depending on the service required. This can be monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually programs in place.

Do you offer a refund?

If we have not yet scheduled your site, you can request a refund. Simply send us an email. Otherwise, on the day, post job completion or within 48 hours of attendance, if you cancel then we cannot offer a refund as programs will have been sent and another person will have missed out, or time already spent on site.

Can we pay via credit card?

Yes you can. We offer multiple payment options, of credit cards and bank transfer 

Can you get out all scratches and dents?

At times yes. it comes down to the thickness of the stainless steel and where the issue is located. This is because of accessibility to the scratch and/or that we need to remove a fair bit of material to get rid of the scratch or issue on the stainless steel. But not to worry, this will all be explained when you submit the form.

Is there something you give us when you have finished cleaning and polishing?

Yes, we do provide a maintenance document and particular chemicals to help keep the surface as clean as possible.

Renew your Stainless Steel without breaking the bank.

We make sure we stop at nothing less than WOW for you.  

Your journey with us begins here with us

You've probably tried everything from Bunnings and your cleaning company has done what they can, but you are still ending up with...

Or Just Dull Stainless Steel No Matter What!

Spent 100's of dollars on products and suppliers just to end up at square one? we get you!

Rusted Stainless Steel?

You could have the marine grade or the 304. But still getting rusted?

Continuously Scratched Stainless Steel?

Just moving furniture in? or maybe a few grocery bags. We understand things do happen.

All our clients (our extended family under our guidance), would of loved to get there stainless steel restoration right with us first time around. 

Want to know what all our clients would do first time around?

Pricing From

Deep Cleaning and Polishing


SAVE $150 from the standard charge out for one lift door of $550 + GST

Scratch Removal

$350 + GST*

Save $150 from the standard charge out for 1 x scratch of $550 + GST

Rust Removal

$350 + GST*

Save $150 + GST from the standard charge out of $550 + GST for rust removal

Ready to begin your stainless steel restoration journey together?

What you can expect from our 'Christmas in July' 

Before Restoration

Consistently old, tarnished and dull looking stainless steel

Overwhelmed with trying everything in the market and products but still not getting to where you want to get

Spent $100's of dollars only to be back to square one

After Restoration

✅Have a clear understanding of what your stainless steel needs are

✅Confident in making the right decision with the correct information provided to you

✅Be glad to took the right step towards correctly maintaining your stainless steel

✅Have a professional team with you at all times to make sure you are making the right decision and kept up to date with the latest information

BONUS! - Have more than one thing that needs to be restored?

We will take 10% off the total price.

Here's a little what we have already completed.

Don't wait. We Have Limited Servicability.

Offer will close at any time.

Step 1

Fill out the form below so we can understand the issues you are facing.

Step 2

We outline what the best possible options are depending on your budget and stainless steel.

Step 3

We will issue an invoice to you.

Step 4

Upon receiving payment, we will book and schedule your job.

Your first interaction with us, we will walk you through step by step on what is achievable with you Stainless Steel

Most Common Stainless Steel We Service and Restore

Lift Surfaces

  • Doors

  • Sills

  • Any other stainless steel parts/ surfaces


  • Taps

  • Brackets

  • Hinges

  • Any other external and internal stainless steel surfaces


  • Rangehoods

  • Cook tops

  • Any other internal stainless steel items


  • All fabricated items

  • Multiple service items post fabrication

Steel Renew - A Kleanwell Business

Terms and Conditions


Steel Renew only obtains information based on the information in the form provided. If you wish to unsubscribe or not be contacted, Please get in contact with us on with the headline 'Unsubscribe'. We do not sell or distribute your data and information to anyone outside of Steel Renew and it's corporate bodies.

© 2023 by Steel Renew. All Rights Reserved.


  • Pricing will vary for quantities and mirror finishes

  • If you have coloured or textured stainless steel please make it clear in the form below

  • Pricing for 1 x new client by 1 x site. Offer not valid for additional properties

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